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GenoQuant HCV real time PCR kit

Test quantifies the hepatitis C virus (HCV) DNA in human plasma or serum from HCV-infected individuals, producing results in just 1.5 hours.

What is it?

Accurately quantify HCV viral load 
This in vitro polymerase reverse transcription chain reaction (PCR) assay is applied to quantify the hepatitis C virus (HCV) DNA in human plasma or serum from HCV-infected individuals.
The assay enables accurate quantification of genotypes 1 to 6.
This approach is fast and cost-effective, and highly sensitive. 
The kit is compatible with various real time PCR instruments.
Each kit can perform 48 tests.

Who is it for?

This kit is especially valuable to practitioners concerned with identifying and treating hepatitis C patients.
The GenoQuant HCV real time PCR kit is also useful to hepatitis researchers.

Why is it different?

This highly sensitive, easy-to-use kit quantifies the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in human plasma or serum.
The kit is accurate and reliable, and applies internal controls to verify results.
This approach delivers results 1.5 hours after extraction.


Complete – Quantifies all HCV genotypes 1 to 6
Accurate – Highly sensitive quantification of HCV
Practical – Compatible with various real time PCR instruments
Fast – Delivers results approximately 1.5 hours after extraction
Easy – Ready-to-use reagent
Cost effective – Highly price-competitive

Need to know

This is a consumable assay kit, developed, supplied and supported by DiagCor. It requires a compatible instrument and a meticulous MDx workflow.

  • Works with

    Applied Biosystems ViiA7

    Applied Biosystems 7500

    Qiagen RotorGeneQ

    Qiagen RotorGene 3000/6000

  • Workflow
    Workflow (GenoScreen & GenoQuant)

What you get

In the box

  • PCR premix
  • HCV QS1 
  • HCV QS2 
  • HCV QS3
  • Internal amplification control (IAC)
  • DNase free water

Service and support
The DiagCor support team includes skilled technicians, engineers and scientists
  • Distributor and end-users receive direct training supported by video conferencing
  • Standard operation procedures explain test execution step-by-step 
  • Experienced technicians will familiarize users with procedures by guiding them through a series of trial tests 
DiagCor provides extensive training to end users and distributors that covers
  • Correct application of the system, including how to deploy in public health programs for best ROI
  • Practical lab technician training     

Extraction kits
  • QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit (QIAGEN, Valencia, CA)
  • QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit

  • Internal amplification control (IAC)
  • HCV

Catalogue number R12007
Configuration 48 test (real time PCR kit)
Analytical sensitivity 20 IU/mL
Linear range 25 IU/mL to 5 X 108IU/mL
Specificity 100%
Quantification coverage Accurate quantification of the total viral load of genotypes 1 to 6
Specimens Serum and plasma
Standardization Second WHO international standard for HCV RNA (NIBSC 96/789)
Internal amplification control (IAC) Added to PCR mix
Reported results Quantifies the total amount of HCV viral load in the collected sample