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MDx for food

Enhancing food safety with MDx

Food safety issues are increasingly problematic. Rat meat sold as pigeon, horsemeat found in beef products, artificial additives, fake ingredients... The list goes on.

Dishonesty aside, deceptive food practices present a potentially devastating health and social threat.

DiagCor offers a range of advanced services and products for applying MDx to food.

Species identification

DiagCor MDx can rapidly and accurately identify the animal species from various food samples, minced meat, sausage, pre-processed frozen food and more.

We can also identify livestock, game, pets, poultry and fish.

Identify multiple species simultaneously

We can rapidly identify multiple species from a single food sample with our proprietary
flow-through hybridization platform.

The identification platform currently targets mammalian species. As little as 1%, content can be identified in either a DNA mixture or a mix of meats.

We will soon expand targeted species identification to birds and fish.

Identify a single species with high sensitivity

We achieve high sensitivity detection with RT-PCR (Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology.

Our species-specific probes can precisely detect the presence of 0.1% DNA of a single mammalian species in a DNA mixture or meat mix.

Identify unknown species

We can identify unknown species through DNA-barcoding, a method approved by the FDA in the US for identifying fish species.

Theoretically there is no limitation to the species that can be identified by this method, including mammal, bird or fish.

By applying different DNA barcode genes, the animal species in a food sample can be identified with certainty. However since the targeted species is unknown, it takes longer to obtain a precise result.