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30 Sept 2013 [Press release]

GenoFlow Thrombophilia array test kit & GenoScreen KRAS/BRAF real time PCR kit are now CE-IVD marked


With the proprietary flow-through technology, the GenoFlow Thrombophilia array test kit allows the detection of 4 congenital mutations contributed to the risk of Thrombophilia (FV Leiden, Prothrombin) and Recurrent Miscarriage (MTHFR) in one single go in addition to information on zygosity. Thrombophilia risk builds up in a snow-balling effect. It is important to find out the hereditary risk of thrombophilia especially if there is a family history of thrombophilia or past episodes of recurrent marriage.


In recent discovery, metastatic colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer can be effectively treated with monocloncal antibodies, ie Centuximab, by shutting down the cell growth system. However, it is also known that mutations in KRAS and BRAF would render this therapy useless. GenoScreen KRAS/BRAF real time PCR kit is a sensitive test designed to effectively detect 8 KRAS mutations and 1 BRAF mutation even if the wild type DNA background was up to 99.9%.

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, DiagCor has been dedicated solely to molecular diagnostics (MDx) since 2006. The global leader in flow-through hybridization technology, the company offers a range of products, solutions and services related to RNA and DNA analysis. As well as providing MDx laboratory services to Asia Pacific practitioners, Diagcor develops and manufactures MDx products and solutions, and offers MDx medical translation services and MDx consulting.

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