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19 Jul 2013 [Press release]

Nutrascan established to address food safety issues

Food safety issues have become increasingly problematic over the last decades. Rats were being used as pigeons, horsemeat contents were found in beef products, artificial additives being exploited; and only recently in Hong Kong, pork was discovered in beef ball. This implicates not only an honesty issue, but also a devastating health and social threat to the community.

With the rapid advancement of molecular technology, DiagCor is envisioned to make a move to bring these new technologies into action.

DiagCor, being a leading innovator in molecular testing, has newly established a subsidiary company namely DiagCor Nutrascan Limited, honorably led by Dr. Alex Lin. Dr. Lin is a professional with years of experience in food safety research and will continue his great work with DiagCor.

Based on our proprietary flow-through hybridzation technology and the expertise offered by Dr. Lin, DiagCor Bioscience and DiagCor Nutrascan aim to forge a whole new series of products to be applied in the field of food safety and related disciplines. These product(s) will be capable of identifying, and not limited to, problems in food composure, food quality, and many other food safety related concerns.

We truly believe that food safety is something which must not be taken lightly. It is time for a new era.

About DiagCor

Headquartered in Hong Kong, DiagCor has been dedicated solely to molecular diagnostics (MDx) since 2006. The global leader in flow-through hybridization technology, the company offers a range of products, solutions and services related to RNA and DNA analysis. As well as providing MDx laboratory services to Asia Pacific practitioners, Diagcor develops and manufactures MDx products and solutions, and offers MDx medical translation services and MDx consulting.

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