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21 May 2024 [Comunicado de prensa]

New Application Note - Multiplex testing to reduce STD misdiagnosis


Calling all distributors!

When discussing with your laboratory customers regarding STD testing, it is useful to understand more about the range of related tests in the lab's test menu and how they are requested, for example by physicians or individuals. Our new application note, 'Full Solution for Detecting Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Various Sample Types', focuses on a recent study of over 1,400 patients in Hong Kong, who underwent testing of 1 or more suspected STDs based on the ordering physician's specific test selection. The tests were performed at a laboratory running DiagCor's GenoFlowTM STD Array. As the GenoFlowTM STD Array detects 11 common STD pathogens, it was possible to observe whether the correct test was selected by the physician, or if other pathogens were present. Concerningly, in test requests for single pathogens, more than 1 in 5 of samples were misdiagnosed. In contrast, misdiagnosis was reduced to zero when 8 STD types were requested and reported.

Though the test request process is often complex, relying on physician preference and relating to multiple factors including costs and reimbursement, this application note is a valuable tool to promote the benefit of multiplex STD testing for patient health and correct treatment selection. We hope it will encourage you to revisit your lab network and have new conversations about best practices, as there is a good case to be made for the adoption of GenoFlowTM STD Array, even in labs already offering individual STD tests by qPCR.

We are always interested to learn more about the situation in your region so that we can offer more tailored support. Please get in touch if you would like to talk more about this or any other tests.

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