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DiagPuroTM Direct Cell Lysis DNA Extraction Reagent

The Direct Cell Lysis DNA Extraction Reagent allows the simple preparation of cell lysates from cell suspensions or isolated cells of urine and liquid-based cytology (LBC) specimen, which enables direct amplification.

¿Qué es?

The product provides a simple and fast single-tube cell lysis method for isolation of DNA for downstream analysis. The reagent contains synthetic non-ionic detergents which are used to break down cells for DNA extraction and genotyping via Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It contains Proteinase K which digests proteins and removes contamination from nucleic acid preparations. Our proteinase K inactivates nucleases that could degrade DNA during isolation. Cell pellets can be extracted in about 15 minutes.


The steps involved include:


  • Prepare and wash cell pellets
  • Centrifuge and remove supernatant
  • Add lysis buffer and heat
  • DNA-containing supernatant is ready for downstream analysis

¿Para quién es?

The Direct Cell Lysis DNA Extraction Reagent is useful for MDx research labs, healthcare institutions and MDx services labs around the world.

The nucleic acid extracted with the reagent is suitable for direct downstream analysis by standard amplification methods.

¿Por qué es diferente?

The advantages of Direct Cell Lysis DNA Extraction Reagent are:
  • Simple workflow with single-tube operation
  • Ultra-low consumable requirement and low cost
  • Short preparation time (cell pellets are extracted in about 15 minutes)
  • Compatible with PCR amplification technologies


Fácil – Simple workflow with single-tube operation
Costo-efectivo – Ultra-low consumable requirement and low cost
Rápido – Short preparation time (cell pellets are extracted in 15 minutes)
Flexible – Compatible with PCR amplification technologies

Más detalles

This extraction reagent yields high quality genomic, bacterial or viral DNA from human samples, ready to use in PCR and blotting procedures.

  • Flujo de trabajo
    This workflow is for the Direct Cell Lysis Reagent. Please refer to the product IFU for the detailed test procedure.

    Workflow (Direct Cell Lysis)

¿Qué viene en la caja?

En la caja encontrará

  • Wash Buffer 
  • Extraction Solution
  • Proteinase K

Servicio y soporte

The DiagCor support team includes skilled technicians, engineers and scientists.

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