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MDx support

Flow-through hybridization

What is flow-through hybridization?
Flow-through hybridization technology works by binding assay and amplicons via a vacuum process. This avoids the inefficiency of shaking by channeling the target molecule towards the probes by applying suction via a vacuum. This unique process directs the amplicons towards the DNA probes to form duplexes. For more information, please click here.

What is the difference in flow-through hybridization and real time PCR?
Real time PCR testing indicates the presence of a specific molecule within a narrow range of variants. Flow-through hybridization can perform multiplex analysis with up to 30 disease sub-types (or other variables) that can be identified from a single sample.

Instruments and kits

Where are your products developed and produced?
DiagCor is a Hong Kong based company. Our R&D and production are all based in Hong Kong, and follow ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 international standards.

We need a customized kit (or testing protocol). Can you provide that? How much does it cost?
Yes, we can customize kits or testing protocols for customers. The cost of customization depends on the end product’s application and the market demand.

Do I need your system to perform your tests?
For the GenoFlow series, you would require the FT-PRO or R2-M flow-through hybridization device. GenoScreen, GenoQuest or GenoQuant are validated to work with most common real time PCR machines in the market. See individual product page for details.

I do not have the listed machine in your test protocol. Can I still run the test?
The listed machines or reagents we suggest in our protocols have been validated. Anything not listed, other than the flow-through devices, can be arranged for validation upon request.

What should I do if the solution is not draining?
Check whether all the unused slots in the machine are completely blocked with masks (for R2-M), Parafilm or used cassettes (FT-PRO). For FT-PRO, check the filter connected to the waste bottle to see if it is soaked. A wet filter will block the suction and prevent the vacuum process. Simply replace it.

Lab services

Can I send samples to DiagCor for testing?
Yes. We provide an international lab service. Please note that each test has different sample requirements and some may be complicated. Contact us for details.


I want to set up a molecular lab. Can DiagCor help me?
We have MDx consultation services and experts to provide you with insights on how to properly set up a molecular lab. Contact us for details. 

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