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Product innovations

MDx product innovations for molecular labs

MDx product development

Uniquely equipped for MDx product innovations

DiagCor has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing MDx innovations since 2006. Over 80% of our team are PhDs, post graduates and graduates.

You can trust us for practical, proven MDx innovations
We operate our own commercial clinical lab service for practitioners in Asia and Southeast Asia. This gives us valuable insights into the real-world challenges faced by MDx labs.

Our labs operate to the highest standards
Our product development laboratory has achieved ISO13485 and ISO9001 certification. Very few commercial MDx operations are both certified and accredited.

MDx product manufacturing

Ideally located for MDx product manufacturing

Hong Kong, being a coastal city south of China – is a world famous international trading center. This gives us access to advanced production facilities around the world which are essential for quality hardware development. We are also ideally positioned to receive samples and provide diagnostic services in the Asia Pacific region.

We designed and developed our blockbuster FT-PRO flow-through hybridization system completely in-house.

We also design and produce our own MDx innovations and are equipped to help you produce yours. Contact us about a collaboration or an OEM or ODM partnership.