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About us

DiagCor – Hong Kong’s leading MDx innovator

Dedicated solely to molecular diagnostics, DiagCor was established in 2006. The global leader in
flow-through hybridization technology, we offer a range of products, solutions and services related to RNA and DNA analysis.

  • Founded and chaired by a distinguished Hong Kong MDx researcher and lecturer
  • Team of more than 80 bioscience specialists
  • An affiliated company of Pangenia Group.

DiagCor leads the world in flow-through hybridization technology

Hybridization is an essential step in medium resolution DNA and RNA analysis. DiagCor’s flexible flow-through hybridization platform simplifies lab workflow and reduces overheads.

We have developed our core technology into a range of molecular and cytogenetic services. Our products and services spans prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, parentage investigation, cancer testing and infectious disease identification.

Our research and development pipeline includes tests in other areas such as cancer biomarker identification and pharmacogenomics.

Practical, proven MDx lab solutions

DiagCor offers a complete platform for commercial and clinical MDx diagnosis.

We have helped to establish high-capability MDx labs all around the world. We serve clinical diagnostic services markets in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Our customers enjoy extensive support from our team of dedicated MDx specialists.

All our products and solutions have been extensively applied in our own commercial MDx lab. This helps us understand the concerns and challenges our customers face.

Our partnerships with research institutions and MDx practitioners help to keep us on the forefront of practical bioscience.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, dedicated to MDx innovation

Molecular diagnosis has recently been described as the fastest growing segment of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. DiagCor translates cutting-edge MDx research into practical, proven market applications.

We are vertically equipped to manage the entire MDx development process. Our operations span primary research, clinical and market studies, to manufacturing, commercialization, global distribution and ongoing support.

Proven innovators in a growth market

Global demand for MDx products and services is growing fast. Factors driving this growth include:

  • The shift in modern healthcare towards disease prevention and early diagnosis
  • The emergence of patient treatments that are customized for specific pathogens (pharmacogenomics)
  • The legal implications of being able to identify genetic material
  • Increased demand for food safety and scrutiny

Fulfilling the global demand for MDx

DiagCor is structured to innovate in MDx and encourages close cooperation between our R&D and production, commercial laboratory and marketing teams.

We stay at the forefront of developments in bioscience by continually investing in systems, technology and talent.

By combining R&D know-how with practical commercial lab experience we can quickly develop proven products with strong market potential.

Five revenue streams

Key strengths

Our operations are equipped to:

  • Identify and develop MDx innovations with commercial potential
  • Provide MDx lab services to practitioners and institutions
  • Test and prove MDx innovations
  • Bring new MDx innovations rapidly to market

Lab technology includes:

  • High throughput digital PCR for single cell gene expression profiling
  • Robotic liquid handling system for automated specimen handling and reagents transfer

Our quality control initiatives include:

  • ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified quality management system covering IVD design and manufacturing to ensure product quality
  • State-of-the-art lab management systems
  • Strict manufacturing and assurance procedures

Our dedicated team of MDx specialists

DiagCor is led, guided and operated by a respected group of biotech scientists and executives with an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience.

The combined talents of our team enable our company to stay on the forefront of developments in MDx innovations. Qualified and experienced individuals in the life science sector are invited to inquire about working with DiagCor.

Our fast growing distribution network

DiagCor MDx services and solutions are available worldwide via our rapidly expanding network of partners and distributors. We also offer fast support from our Hong Kong headquarters.

A respected member of the global MDx community

DiagCor works with commercial, institutional and governmental organizations across the world to bring MDx understanding and benefits to as many people as possible.

Research partnerships

We work with the following institutions and encourage academics across the world to contact us to discuss how we might collaborate.

Chinese University of Hong Kong
Biomarkers development

City University of Hong Kong
Mammalian species identification in food with flow-through hybridization

University of Hong Kong
HPV screening in an Asian population

Hong Kong Society of Molecular Diagnostic Sciences
Independent evaluation of tuberculosis diagnostic kit

Commercial partnerships

We work with the following commercial organizations and encourage bioscience executives across the world to contact us to discuss how we might collaborate.






Social partnerships

We work with the following NGOs as part of our initiatives to provide people with better healthcare.