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GenoFlowTM β-thalassemia Array Test Kit (SEA)

Test detects 22 human beta globin mutations in blood or oral buccal samples. The kit identifies the most relevant mutations in the beta globin genes in the Southeast Asia region.

What is it?

Detects 22 human beta globin mutations
This test is a PCR / flow-through hybridization assay for detecting 22 human beta globin mutations in blood or oral buccal samples. 
The kit identifies the most relevant mutations in the beta globin genes in the Southeast Asia region.
The GenoFlow β-thalassemia Southeast Asia array test is both fast and cost-effective. Up to 16 samples can be tested simultaneously. 
This assay is used with the FTPRO flow-through hybridization platform.
Each consumable assay kit is capable of 32 reactions.

Who is it for?

This kit is especially valuable to practitioners responsible for the health of populations of Southeast Asian ancestry. 
It’s also useful for researchers with an interest in inherited autosomal recessive blood disorders. 

Why is it different?

This highly sensitive test is currently the most cost-effective solution for identifying β-thalassemia mutations in the beta globin genes in people of Southeast Asian ancestry.
It’s fast and can deliver results three hours after extraction. Up to 16 samples can be tested simultaneously.
The test features sample quality control and is easy to apply.


Complete – Genotypes 22 human beta globin mutations in a single assay
Fast – Delivers results in approximately 3 hours, tests up to 16 samples simultaneously
Easy – Requires almost no training. Results can be accurately interpreted at a glance
Cost effective – Lowest overall cost in market, and handles small batches

Need to know

This is a consumable assay kit, developed, supplied and supported by DiagCor. It requires a compatible instrument and a meticulous MDx workflow.
This array test kit is capable of a total of 32 reactions. 
Up to 16 samples can be processed in a test run. The capacity of the test chamber is four cassettes, each of which has four wells. 
All 32 reactions can be consumed in two test runs.

  • Works with

    FTPRO Flow-through System

    This state-of-the-art instrument performs fast, accurate DNA hybridization to identify the presence of a target molecule in a flexible sample size. Benefits include high efficiency, accurate results and low cost. The FTPRO is compatible with GenoFlow array kits. 

    CapturePRO image capture system

    This instrument captures images of DNA analysis from the DiagCor FTPRO flow-through system and converts them into data. Images are transferred to a server for storage, analysis and reporting. This is a cost-effective way of managing and archiving large volumes of data from DNA-based testing and screening.

  • Workflow
    A key component in medium resolution DNA analysis, this flow-through hybridization device considerably speeds specimen throughput.

    Workflow (GenoFlow)

What you get

In the box

PCR kit
  • PCR premix
  • Positive control 
  • DNase free water
  • Taq polymerase
Hybridization kit
  • Hybridization solution
  • Blocking solution
  • Enzyme conjugate
  • Detection solution
  • Stop solution
  • A solution

Service and support
The DiagCor support team includes skilled technicians, engineers and scientists.
  • Distributor and end-users receive direct training supported by video conferencing
  • Standard operation procedures explain test execution step-by-step 
  • Experienced technicians will familiarize users with procedures by guiding them through a series of trial tests 
DiagCor provides extensive training to end users and distributors that covers
  • Correct application of the system, including how to deploy in public health programs for best ROI
  • Practical lab technician training    



This test requires an FTPRO flow-through hybridization

Equipment required
  • FT-PRO flow-through hybridization device 
  • Capture-PRO image capture system (optional)
  • High speed centrifuge
  • Vortex
  • Pipettes
  • Thermocycler
  • Water bath
  • Ice bucket 

Extraction kits
  • QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit (QIAGEN, Valencia, CA)
  • QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit

  • Initiation Codon T>G
  • TATA-28 A>G
  • TATA-29 A>G
  • Codon 5-CT
  • Codon 26 GAG>AAG
  • Codon 27/28 + C
  • Codon 8/9 + G
  • Codon 41/42 - TCTT
  • Codon 43 G>T
  • Codon 15 TGG>TAG
  • Codon 16 - C
  • Codon 17 A>T
  • Codon 19 A>G
  • IVS1,1 G>A
  • IVS1,1 G>T
  • IVS1,5 G>C
  • Codon 30 G>C
  • Codon 71/72 +A
  • IVS2.654 C>T
  • Filipino
  • 619bp
  • IVS2.1 G>A

Catalogue number R12006
Configuration 32 tests (PCR kit); 32 tests (Hybridization kit)
Technology PCR and flow-through hybridization
Detected genes Initiation Codon T>G, TATA-28 A>G, TATA-29 A>G, Codon 5-CT, CD26 GAG>AAG, CD27/28 +C, Codon 8/9 +G, Codon 41/42 - TCTT, Codon 43 G>T, Codon 15 TGG>TAG, Codon 16 -C Codon 17 A>T, Codon 19 A>G, IVS1,1 G>A, IVS1,1 G>T, IVS1,5 G>C, Codon 30 AGG>ACG, CD 71/72 +A, IVS2,654 C>T, 619-bp deletion, IVS2.1 G>A, Filipino
Result format 4x1 cassette
Sample types Blood, oral buccal
Internal controls Hybridization control (HC)
External controls Positive control, negative control
Simultaneous run Up to 16 reactions
Reported results Wild type human beta globin, homozygous or heterozygous with beta thalassemia mutations