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FTPRO Auto System

FTPRO Auto System is an automatic flow-through hybridization device. This platform adopts the patented flow-through hybridization technology in addition to its automatic operation. Its sophisticated design drastically improves the quality of testing and diagnostic experience. 

What is it?

FTPRO Auto System is an automatic platform providing a new, fast and efficient method for different molecular diagnostics. Invented and produced by DiagCor, this advanced flow-through hybridization instrument leads the market for speed, ease of use and accuracy in mid-resolution DNA analysis.
The system is based on the detection of a DNA target by Dot blot Hybridization. DNA targets are able to recognize and bind to DNA probes located on specifically designed membranes. The results will be subsequently analyzed and interpreted by an automatic process.
The detection is optimized by the “Flow-Through” patented technology, which speeds and improves the hybridization process, by using a system that applies vacuum and thermal cycles on specially designed membranes.

Who is it for?

The DiagCor FTPRO Auto System can be used in MDx research labs, healthcare institutions and MDx services labs around the world.
With compatible assays, the DiagCor FTPRO Auto can be used for a wide range of medical, legal and food science.
A range of assay kits are available for this flexible platform and new assays are continually under development.

Why is it different?

  • Fully synchronizes and synergizes with the operation from extraction to result interpretation
  • Hands on time close to zero
  • Allows complete traceability of samples from start
  • Single button diagnosis, digital image capture
  • Highly efficient vacuum flow-through process reduces the time for DNA hybridization reactions from hours to minutes
  • Instrument can be used for multiplexing and genotyping. It detects up to 48 samples in a single reaction
  • Overcomes the limitations caused by the diffusion of reagents typical in other membrane-based systems
  • No need for multiple water baths, shaking and liquid handling necessary with standard DNA hybridization and protein immunoblot applications
  • Just set the temperature and add the reagent solutions and let the device do the rest
  • Open platform approach means you can design your own assay and partner with DiagCor to distribute it




Easy – Requires almost no training. Snap-in cassettes lead to faster multiplex assays and easier interpretation
Flexible – Sample batch flexibility means no need for specimen batching. There are a wide range of assays available for this model
Dependable – Stringent temperature control facilitates single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) hybridization
Automated – Automatic hybridization and data interpretation
Scalable – Scalability perfectly fit for labs running from 120 samples per year up to 12,000 samples per year
Multiplex – Both screening and genotyping on the single machine

Need to know

This instrument requires consumable assay kits, developed, supplied and supported by DiagCor. We also make our expertise available to third parties wishing to develop assay kits and other MDx innovations.

  • Works with

    HPV Array Test Kit

    Genotypes 33 HPV subtypes via flow-through hybridization assay from a single specimen. Fast and cost-effective, this is the first HPV test kit with universal probe. The kit obtains 100% proficiency in WHO HPV LabNet study

    STD Array Test Kit

    From a single specimen, this fast and cost-effective flow-through hybridization assay kit detects 11 common STD pathogens.

    DR-MTB Array Test Kit

    Test detects and genotypes tuberculosis variants resistant to rifampicin (RIF) and isoniazid (INH) in liquefied, decontaminated human respiratory specimens. 

  • Workflow
    A key component in medium resolution DNA analysis, this flow-through hybridization device considerably speeds specimen throughput.

    Workflow (GenoFlow)

What you get

In the box

  • FTPRO Auto unit
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Spare parts

Service and support
The DiagCor support team includes skilled technicians, engineers and scientists.
  • DiagCor support programs cover scheduled calibration, maintenance and technical assistance
  • Each unit is under warranty for one year from the date of the invoice

  • This instrument arrives ready-to-use 
  • Machine requires GenoFlow test kits for operation, which must be ordered separately

Catalogue number 92013
Physical dimension 1000 (L) x530 (D) x600 (H) mm
Power requirement Voltage 100/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Power Consumption 500VA
Operation temperature 15°C – 30°C
Cassette format 4x1 or 4x3 sample format
Maximum throughput 48 samples per run
Certification CE-IVD