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Kit allows researchers to detect KRAS and BRAF mutations via real time PCR analysis. It differentiates eight KRAS mutations and one BRAF mutation.

What is it?

Highly sensitive real time PCR kit
This assay kit allows researchers to detect KRAS and BRAF mutations in colorectal cancer patients which can hinder the effectiveness of typically expensive targeted therapy. 
Highly sensitive and cost-effective, differentiates eight KRAS mutations found in codons 12 and 13 and one BRAF mutation in codon 600.
The kit can conduct 24 tests and delivers results three hours after extraction.

Who is it for?

This kit is especially valuable to colorectal cancer researchers.
Please note that the GenoScreen KRAS/BRAF real time PCR kit is for research purposes and molecular biology applications only. 
This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease.

Why is it different?

This highly sensitive kit allows selective site-specific detection of mutant DNA.
It can detect less than 0.1% mutant sequence copies against a background of 99.9% wild-type DNA.
The ready-to-use reagent is compatible with various real time PCR machines and delivers results 3 hours after extraction.


Accurate – Highly sensitive test allows site-specific detection of less than 0.1% mutant sequence copies in a background of 99.9% wild-type DNA
Fast – Delivers results in approximately 3 hours, tests up to 8 samples simultaneously
Easy – No post-PCR manipulation required
Cost effective – Lowest overall cost in market

Need to know

This is a consumable assay kit, developed, supplied and supported by DiagCor. It requires a compatible instrument and a meticulous MDx workflow.

  • Works with

    Applied Biosystems ViiA7

    Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast

    Applied Biosystems 7900

  • Workflow
    Workflow (GenoScreen & GenoQuant)

What you get

In the box

  • KRAS/BRAF PCR master mix 
  • KRAS G12R primer mix 
  • KRAS G12S primer mix 
  • KRAS G12C primer mix 
  • KRAS G12D primer mix 
  • KRAS G12A primer mix 
  • KRAS G12V primer mix 
  • KRAS G13C primer mix 
  • KRAS G13D primer mix 
  • BRAF V600E primer mix 
  • KRAS/BRAF control primer mix 
  • DNase free water

Service and support
The DiagCor support team includes skilled technicians, engineers and scientists
  • Distributor and end-users receive direct training supported by video conferencing
  • Standard operation procedures explain test execution step-by-step 
  • Experienced technicians will familiarize users with procedures by guiding them through a series of trial tests 
DiagCor provides extensive training to end users and distributors that covers
  • Correct application of the system, including how to deploy in public health programs for best ROI
  • Practical lab technician training 

Equipment required
  • Real-Time PCR machine
  • High speed centrifuge
  • Vortex
  • Pipettes
  • Water bath
  • Ice bucket 

Extraction kits

QIAamp FFPE extraction kit

  • KRAS mutation (8 mutations)
  • BRAF mutation (1 mutation)

Catalogue number 92011
Configuration 24 tests (real time PCR kit)
Detected mutations Eight KRAS mutations in codon 12 and 13: G12R GGT > CGT, G12S GGT > AGT, G12C GGT > TGT G12D GGT > GAT G12A GGT > GCT G12V GGT > GTT, G13D GGC > GAC, G13C GGC > TGC, one BRAF mutation codon 600: V600E GTG > GAG
Specimens Human genomic DNA extracted from fresh, frozen or paraffin embedded tissue
Internal controls Positive control; negative control
Reported results Wild-type or mutated KRAS or BRAF