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7 Nov 2013 [Tradeshow]

EUROGIN 2013 4-day conference

DiagCor participated in the 4-day EUROGIN 2013 HPV conference and exhibition in Florence, Italy held from 3-6 November. HPV experts all around the world gathered at this event to meet and share insights on HPV and cervical cancer testing and practices. We took this opportunity to demonstrate both our FT-PRO and Auto-FT-PRO flow-through hybridization instruments with our visitors and partners.

Our theme for this event was “The first HPV test with universal probe”, signifying our state-of-the-art universal probe adopted in our signature product, GenoFlow HPV array test kit. This probe is capable of detecting all 33 genotypes and variants covered within our panel as well as all other out-of-panel HPV types found in genital infections. We shared the findings in one of the latest publication in ISRN Virology addressing how a comprehensive HPV coverage with the universal probe could safe-guard the future of HPV testing. Based on the study, it showed that single infection of HPV variants and rare types had been identified in cases with cell abnormality. It also revealed regional variations among types and uncovered a significant prevalence of rare HPV types.