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6 September 2023 [Press release]

GenoFlow™ HPV Array Fully Proficient in the 2022 HPV LabNet International Proficiency Study

The International HPV Laboratory Network (LabNet) was created by WHO in 2005 to support the world-wide development and implementation of HPV vaccines through improved laboratory standardization and quality assurance of HPV testing and typing for research and evaluation of HPV vaccines. As part of this strategy, the International HPV Reference Center has organized and issued global Proficiency Panels (sets of blinded samples containing HPV genotypes at different concentrations) since 2008.

The Proficiency Study is an indicator of the participating laboratories’ expertise and competence, as well as the proficiency of their chosen HPV testing platform/assay. Since 2010, labs using DiagCor’s GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit have participated in the program, and consistently attained fully proficient (100% Proficient) status. In the most recent 2022 program, the GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit was again 100% proficient, being able to detect all of the subtypes present in the panel. Additionally, DiagCor's DiagPuroTM Nucleic Acid Extration System performed successful DNA extraction from cell lines prior to HPV testing and typing.

On top of the HPV compositions listed in the proficiency panel, GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit can genotype a total of 33 high- and low-risk HPV subtypes. DiagCor Life Science prioritises high product quality and actively supports HPV testing services in laboratories worldwide, thus contributing to the elimination of cervical cancer. 

Read more about GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit here, and please get in touch to learn more.

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