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17 January 2022 [Press release]

New study uses GenoFlow™ HPV Array Test Kit to highlight the importance of HPV disease awareness and testing in men, with implications for male HPV vaccination and prevention of anal cancer

A new collaborative study1 between researchers in the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Vietnam describes anal HPV prevalence among certain groups of higher-risk Vietnamese men. Among men who have sex with men (‘MSM’), it was found that one in four had at least one high-risk HPV genotype; persistent infection with high-risk anal HPV genotypes is a real risk for anal cancer. The genotyping capabilities of our GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit identified HPV52, HPV39, and HPV66/68 as the most prevalent high-risk subtypes among the study participants. Men in general are often overlooked when considering HPV testing and infection, and the authors highlight that MSM in particular are at higher risk of HPV-related disease compared to other men. Continued medical education is needed globally to highlight the importance and benefits of the GenoFlowTM HPV Array Test Kit for HPV genotyping in both women and men.

1Tuan LA, Prem K, Pham QD, Toh ZQ, Tran HP, Nguyen PD, Mai CTN, Ly LTK, Cao V, Le-Ha TD, Tuan NA, Jit M, Bright K, Brisson M, Nguyen TV, Garland S, Anh DD, Trang NV, & Mulholland K (2021). Anal human papillomavirus prevalence and risk factors among men who have sex with men in Vietnam. Int J Infect Dis. 112:136-143. 


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