HPV DNA high risk screening

Test code



10 mL ThinPrep or 5 mL SurePath


Thin Prep or SurePath bottle

Special instructions



Samples in cytology preservative should be collected using a cervical broom and placed in liquid-based cytology fixative

Causes for rejection

specimen more than 30 days old in liquid-based preservative; insufficient tissue

Description of analysis

This test detects and genotypes Human papillomavirus (HPV) high-risk genotype 16, 18 and a group of 13 subtypes (cover approximately >85.7% of all HPV infections in the general population) by analyzing viral DNA in specimen

Test methodology

DNA is extracted from sample and is subjected to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification. Detection and screening/genotyping are performed by flow-through hybridization


This assay cannot genotype HPV other than the 16 subtypes

Storage instruction

Specimen should be kept at room temperature


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